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The all new, redesigned R.I.P. 9: same travel, same weight, drastically increased stiffness. Our CVA™ suspension technology still gives the rear wheel 4.5″ of smooth, efficient, active suspension travel while the geometry has been tweaked to utilize the latest 120mm travel forks ? giving the R.I.P. 9 that perfect all-mountain balance.

  • If you want one Niner for everything, from fast alpine XC to burly desert trails
  • Positively reviewed by dozens of magazines
  • 4.5″ of CVA™ suspension
  • Custom valved Fox RP23 shock
  • Tapered headtube technology
  • Hydroformed tube construction
  • 10 forged or extruded parts

Normally: $1799   Now: $1399



Speed was the main design concept of the Jet 9, and the geometry is focused on a balance between stability and maneuverability, and is designed to give the same precise steering as our hardtail frames. All linkage pivots are outfitted with full complement sealed cartridge bearings for a smooth, friction-free suspension, and a custom valved FOX RP23 shock offers superb bump compliance and damping. New forged linkage increases strength and stiffness without any penalty in weight.

80mm of travel combined with a 29″ wheel creates an amazingly smooth ride at an incredibly respectable weight, making the JET 9 the perfect weapon for everything from your local race scene to the all day epic. If it’s speed you are looking for, the Jet 9 will get you from zero to hero in the skip of a heartbeat.

1. Designed around the same award winning CVA™ suspension system found on Niner’s other suspension frames, the new JET 9 features 80mm of plush, fully active rear travel via the superb bump compliance and damping of a custom valved FOX RP23 shock.

2. New to the Jet 9 is the tapered headtube, which, in addition to dramatically increasing steering precision, brings a new level of strength to the frame by offering a larger surface area for a stiffer/ stronger downtube to be welded to it. (The headset that comes with the frame will also accept a straight steerer fork, via included adapter). The frame features a 72 head tube angle (based on an 80mm travel fork) and is designed to give the same precise handling as our hardtail frames. The Jet 9 accepts 80 to 100mm forks, allowing riders to fine tune the ride.

3. The Jet 9 features hydroformed tubing, already a feature on the R.I.P. 9 and W.F.O. 9 frames, bringing the technology to the Niner cross country frames for the first time. Hydroforming allows us to shape the tubes and optimize strength and stiffness in key areas, giving us the ability to create perfectly tuned frames with the exact ride characteristics we seek for every application. You will find this technology in the toptube, downtube, chainstays and the rear triangle Y-brace.

4. We explored every small detail of the new Jet 9, including re- evaluating the smaller frame pieces. For our final design, we created new forgings for the chainstay and seatstay yokes to provide increased stiffness and strength. These are based on FEA and real world testing we did while re-designing the RIP 9. Forged pieces include: left upper linkage, right upper linkage, left lower linkage, right lower linkage, BB/lower pivot area, seat tube pivot, drop outs (l & r), seatstay yoke and chainstay yoke.

  • Race-ready 29er full suspension, updated for 2010
  • 3″ of CVA™ suspension
  • custom valved Fox RP23 shock
  • Compatible with 80-100mm forks
  • Tapered headtube technology
  • Hydroformed tube construction
  • Custom forging throughout

 Normally: $1799   Now: $1399
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